Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Would you like fries with that?

Applying online for unemployment was eerily easily and I've been waiting for a scolding phone call from the office of employment security, but none came. I made my first weekly claim in a timely manner, also online, and that went different. Not so easy, but not tough.

There's a part about claiming pay in lieu of notice and I'm sure this meant the severance so I admited to that and even entered an amount, though I sort of made it up. Of course the system prompted me to call right away, which I did, and came across the nicest government worker ever. No, I'm serious.

I explained why I was calling and she was very friendly and chipper, hardly the kind of person that typically works for the state. She happily told me that I don't need to claim my severance, since it's a goodwill gesture from my previous employer. I asked her to repeat herself at least three more times, to which she did but not before giggling. She also stated that she was noting in my file (oh sweet hell, I've got a fuckin' file) that I called about the severance and that she (Beth ... or was it Bess?) told me that I did not have to claim it. FINALLY some goddamn good news for a change!

Of course on the flip side of that, the child and I were able to get rescheduled dental appointments for this month as my previous employer is dropping my coverage at the end of July and in that rescheduled cleaning it was discovered that the child lost a filing on one of her baby teeth. I hate hearing that, really I do. It's like solid evidence that I'm a shitty parent because my kid has cavities. I'd scream to the heavens and in a shouting manner draw out the name Kahn, but I won't. Even with severance I'm not typically able to toss out $152 all willy nilly like, but then my child's teeth aren't willy nilly are they? Of course they are baby teeth ...

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