Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't Get Lost in Heaven

Unempolyment is not it's cracked up to be. Some people do this for a living, like my ex. But I have ethical issues while applying and while using government funds to help me get by. And of course no surprise the government feels the same way about me, well sort of. I'm not allowed to ask the government to come down to a center and spend 3 hours being lectured on why they can't seem to govern after all it's a government. I'm talking about going to a mandatory workshop for employment security, where I have to present proof I've been job searching. I've got an Aug. 7 appointment which has lit a fire under my job searching ass. I've already got 4 submissions so far this week. And I signed up with a recruiting agency, but that's only yielded one interview.

So in the meantime, I remain positive as possible by being a productive member of my family. Speaking of which I'm doing laundry and need to get myself to the grocery store sooner then later today. And I'm waiting to get a call back from the lady at the recruitment agency, who called when I first started typing this. I have since, obviously, called her back only to leave her a message. She's from the temp side of the agency but I'm starting to freak out about being jobless so if it pays ... I'm in. Damn! I hate being so easy!

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