Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Welcome to Hellton"

So yeah it's fuckin' hot up here in Seattle. Hotter then it has ever been. Seriously. It got over 102 today and it hasn't been that hot since 1941. My Arizona friends point and laugh at us up here. I don't mind. They're just jealous we only have to put with this shit for a week, maybe less. I moved out of Arizona primarily to avoid summers like this.

I want my rain, damn you!!! *shakes fist towards the sky*


I'm getting more intolerant of certain kinds of human behavior. I bet you didn't think I could but there it is. Humans acting even more ridiculous and self-centered.

Take driving while on a cell phone and/or texting. Stop that! Just fuckin' stop it! It's a secondary offense here, which is so lame it's not worth the paper it was put on. It should be a first offense, plain and simple.

Another habit of humans that's starting to really piss me off, well maybe not starting but all the same, crossing against a light or jaywalking just makes me scowl. And I really hate to scowl. It's not good for the forehead.

I can't imagine what the big ass rush is that you can't just stand for 30-90 seconds and wait your turn to cross the street. That damn Starbucks will still be there when it happens. Or jaywalking only to wind up at a street corner where the nice DOT people have painted you a divine crosswalk! Oh looky there, big bold lines to help you know where to be. *slaps forehead*


I'm a Twitterholic and I don't give a damn who knows it. I can now Twitter from my cell, which is perfect when I see something excellent or lame to share, which is often. I just need to sync up to my flickr account now. I can send cell phone pictures to my Twitpic account but sending images to my flickr account might get more visibility. I dunno really but I'm willing to give it a shot.


Damn! More under-boob sweat! That's my cue to remove myself from here and go outside while there's a breeze.