Monday, July 14, 2008

Now I gotta cut loose!

Okay, feet intact and no weird fungal outbreak. In fact, the place was waaaaaaaaay better then I expected. I had some time to kill before leaving for the pedicure appointment so I looked it up on Yelp, mostly because map access is quicker for me. However, what took me a bit by surprise was the high number of negative Yelps this spa place had received. Low marks for customer service, ambiance, environment, sterile, hospital-like ... well you get the idea, and so did I.

But when I arrived I was greeted and had a comfy wicker chair to sit in while I waited. They also discounted my pedicure due to having my appointment rescheduled. I was floored. Appointments get cancelled and rescheduled all the time, all over the world. One is taking place right now. But to provide a discount for what I come to think of as a regular occurrence? Are these people mad? My $56 signature pedicure was marked down to $39. Oh now, you're paying attention?

The young, tiny woman who gave me the pedicure was super skilled and talkative, but not gabby or annoying. I sat in a giant, avocado green plush, vinyl chair with my feet resting in a nice warm foot soak tub. She clipped and snipped, filed and trimmed, sanded and swore ... okay she didn't swear, but she did sort of scold me for walking around barefoot outside. She was extra cute for that. She also massaged and lotioned, rubbed and soothed my feet with such care that I'm trying real hard to keep my word to her about walking barefoot.

Thanks for the gift card, Jen. I'm just sorry it took me so long to use it.


Jen said...

Did you go to the one in the U-Village? That's where I had my bad experience (long after getting that gift certificate for you!), which you probably read about on Yelp. Now I have a gift certificate from there I need to use, and I'm thinking I'll try a different location this time. Or maybe I'll just get a massage instead of a pedicure.

In any case, glad you had a good experience! 'Bout time you used it!

Action Jasmine said...

I did go to the one in the U Village, and I was scared. It went well though. Yes, I did read your Yelp; it was one of many with the same experience. It was only my second pedicure experience.

I know right! It was way over due about time I used that gift card. :)

Ian said...

I, for one, can attest that you are NOT, in fact, keeping your word about walking around outside barefoot. But hey, your feet are way softer than they were. Which is not to imply that you had craggy, rock-like feet before hand. Not at all.