Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You got peanut butter on my chocolate!

I can't stop twirling my hair. Clearly it's a nervous habit, and honestly it's one I've had for years. But the last few weeks I've been twirling my hair a lot. So am I more nervous then usual? I really don't feel it. Sure I started a new job but I was over-twirling my hair weeks before the actual start date. Maybe the impending new job caused my system to do a minor freak out thus triggering my adolescent hair twirling fixation.

Well whatever you want to call it, it fuckin' pisses me off most times.

See, right there! I paused my typing to twirl my hair. Though I will admit while I was twirling I was thinking about my post, but now I've lost the thought ... Hmmm, maybe if I twirl ...

Nope, just the Good Morning Baltimore song from Hairspray goes through my mind.

Well clearly I'm not really traumatized by anything out of the ordinary traumatizations. So I shall continue to thwart this weirdo obsession I seem to have with twirling my hair.

Speaking of weirdo obsessions, one of my new colleagues asked me about Disneyland. I change my wallpaper on my work computer a lot, and the constant theme is Disneyland. Specifically Disneyland, not any characters per se (though I adore the villains more often then the heroes) but like Sleeping Beauty's castle is such an iconic structure to me I can never really shake its image. Before today my wallpaper was this fantastic map illustration of the park from 1958.
I'd post the actual image buuuuuuuut I can't seem to get it to post here instead of at the beginning of the entry so there's the link. Please check it out.
But after a week I needed to see some castle and I found this pretty nifty scene of Sleeping Beauty's castle lit up with fireworks behind it.
Turns out my colleague is also an obsessive fan of Disneyland and I am not alone in my new work environment. I have fellow weirdoes to co-miserate with and giggle along side of. Yay new job!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

I start week 2 tomorrow with my new job. I started the new position last Monday, same company new role. I was shown a lot of Excel spreadsheets, and I do mean a lot. I'm familiar with Excel, and used it daily while in college, but not so much in the general workforce. I have created basic reports, and used more complex reports with imbedded formulas to calculate stuff for the Finance ladies. But was shown to me was a whole new thing. I figure with one report shown to me, if it were a paper map you'd be unfolding it for days. Seriously.

But I'm not daunted, and I'm happy to report that I've already had a moment of "What the fuck?!" back on Thursday. It wasn't a vocal moment, just in my head. Poor head. That reminds me I need to bring along more Tylenol for week 2.

We watched I am Legend today and I enjoyed it a lot. We got is from Netflix so there was no 2nd disc to view the alternate ending, or perhaps alternate cut of the film. Ian read the book, and I think I will now too. I'm into stuff about the end of humanity. I try to help keep me humble.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Recurring zombie dream #98

I've been having recurring dreams about zombies and an invastion by zombies for years now. They're not nightmares as I never feel scared when I wake up or during the course of the dream. Usually I am separated from my immediate family and my purpose in the dream is to get to them. A few have had the same location of a highrise appartment complex. I watch the zombie carnage from the safety of 20 floors up. But my zombie dream last night was different.

I wasn't separated from my family and I was in the same house as I live actually in. There wasn't an overall sense of full blown zombie chaos and hysteria. In fact, as I was explaining my dream to Ian it was more of a Ghost Hunters meets Shaun of the Dead meets CSI. Oh and Seth Rogan was Ian's brother.

My family and I, along with a small group of zombie guerilla fighters, would listen to news reports and watch media feeds for any weird reoprts of multiple deaths that couldn't be readily explained. You know as I type this I think there may have also been elements of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well. The dialogue in my dream was quick and witty, loaded with sarcasm and hoakiness.

But back to the dream.

Seattle in my dream was different, but not my house or the street I live on. My dram Seattle had the bay extending all the way through the city to Lake Washington, and so larger ships would sail right through the city to the dock in Lake Washington. Very weird when I visual the mapping.

And there wasn't hordes of zombies. The government though aware of zombies and quick to clean a scene, would always forget one zombie or possible zombie virus laced fluid residue. In my dream, we investigated a house that the news reported 4 deaths at. There was no reason given to why 4 people were dead and so this triggered our sensors. When we entered the burned out home (once the government dispatched the zombies they would burn the stucture) we see charred remains of family photos still on the walls and recognize the family to be Asian. This cultural revelation traiggers a flashback scene in my dream where the origin of how a zombie came to be in the house began. The youngest daughter worked at a brothel/burlesque where she was exposed to the virus that would ultimately turn her into a zombie and attack her family.

When the dream comes back to the current moment of being in the burned out house, the zombified grandma comes out the dark and advances on me. Without pause or fright, I pull my shotgun only to land the shot in her shoulder, knocking her down. She gets up pretty fast and my shotgun jams. I can't get the next shot to go off, but I'm not bothered or worried. I'm not alone. I have a group of people with me and it's one grandma zombie. Ian's arm comes over my shoulder and he shoots her forehead off.

My dream tells me that no matter the conflict or trouble, I'm secure that I have a team working with me and that I don't have to face anything alone. It also tells me I trust and believe in my relationship with Ian more now then ever before. It also tells me that Seth Rogan being Ian's brother wouldn't be a bad thing. He got along with the child really well.