Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Judo chop!"

Well holy shit. Its been over a month since Fergus died and I haven't posted at all. Not that it matters. I'm not pandering to an audience. No one knows I exist so its okay. No one's keeping track of me, no one knows I'm alive so disappearing for weeks on end is okay. That is to say disappearing from the internet is not a big deal. No one notices or gives a fuck. I deactivated my Facebook account and haven't heard fuckall from those that friended me. Hehheh.

Well I can bitch and bitch but what's the point? Honestly.

The child and I went out today. We saw a movie and shopped a bit. Though I'm not financial able to shop a bit there's always the credit cards. I can die happy knowing my credit card debt can't be passed onto the child. In the meantime I will raise and interact with my child as I see fit. I will not cow to "traditional" norms and be a fucking douchebag tighty-whitey mom with teased bangs and a family goddamn van.


Went out tonight with a good friend, I should know I really only a few good friends. We saw Tricky perform tonight and it was brilliant. It was far better then I hoped for, not just the music but the crowd too. See I hate crowds. I'm totally put off by large groups of people but I know that if I'm going to go out and enjoy something I like then I have to put up with the masses.


I'm just rambling at this point. I'm so tired. Up later then I've been in a long while. Polluting my brain with the Sex and the City movie.

If you are reading this thank you. And good night.