Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funky Boss! Get off my back!

I think it is very safe to say that I may have been a bd boss in one of my previous lives, and more specifically I was a bad woman boss. I've come to this conclusion not because of some freak fascination with being treated like a lower form of life. No, I've only come to this conclusion because jobs that come witha female boss tend to come and go for me. Most recently, go.

I'm not sure if it's a Seattle thing, though some, perhaps many, would argue that it is a Seattle thing. Regardless, I can sum up my Seattle job experiences that involved women bosses and safely say they don't like me. There was the smoke shop with the woman owner AND a woman boss. Then there was the too much information, too young gal from the dress shop, and the crazy perm bitch from the costume shop. The costume shop had a few mean women bosses for me to work with and through. After that was the paranoid, hypocrondriac at the online retailer, followed by the bitchy elitist also at the online retailer.

The most recent business I worked for I held two jobs. My finance job brought me into the company. That lasted 21 months. About 3 and half months ago I transferred into another division of the business. My finance boss was a man who was flexible and didn't care that I was a single mother. There was never any hostility, well there was during end of the month but that wasn't because of me. :o)

Working for the male boss was less stressful then working for any female bosses I've endured over the years. However my male boss wasn't one for growing, especially allowing opportunites for his team to grow. He had a lot on his work plate but never shared the work load and so the other ladies I worked and myself were left with the same boring stuff day in and day out. Transferring to another department was a lazy lateral move on my part, and ultimately my undoing.

Everyone was concerned about the VP of the new department I was moving into. "She's hardcore!" "She'll tear you up" "She drives a Pacer." Okay, that last one I made up but only to make a point about absurd everyone's fears were, because in fact the person they should have warned me about was the person who was going to be my direct boss, and who would also decide that "effective immediately ... terminating the Associate Client Services position ... and though [I] worked hard [they] were looking for someone with more strategic thinking."


It's a good thing and I'm better off not putting up with the latest female boss's hostile, discriminatory, elitist bullshit anymore. I can't pick my bosses, but I can be wary and on guard. I'm on to this bad female boss thing so I just need to learn how to use it to my advantage.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm a porn-dealing monster, what do I care what you think?

One topic, other then religion and politics, can piss me off just as much as it can amuse me. The Weather. The goddamn, motherfucking weather. For some reason humans prefer to bitch, complain, and whine most about an element, an action, a function that they will never be able to control or manipulate. Yes, there it is. The bitching.

Usually, I'm humored by the way screwheads yammer on and on about how its cold in Seattle in June. I'm humored by this behavior because it only cements my ideas that humans basically suck cosmic dick and are the biggest assholes ever. But lately it's not so fucking funny. It's getting old and boring yet no one will shut up about it.

Why not bitch about the gas prices? Why not bitch about having to BUY those damn canvas shopping bags (when in fact they should be free because HELLO! eco-friendly self-promotion makes the Seattlites spring boners galore).

Now I realize that me bitching about people bitching is moot, but fuck you. It's my goddamn blog and just be happy I'm not posting picutres of my child's nostrils. No seriously, be glad.

Humans cannot control or change anything having to do with atmospheric pressure so let's drop it, okay? Life is too short and fucked up to worry about the weather. When I go to the child's child care to pick her up after school, and even to drop her off before school, and the weather isn't so lovely or nice, the kids don't make a squeak or peep about it. It's negligible in their world and has little to no baring on how good or bad their day will be.

I miss being a kid. A lot.