Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bodies are for hookers and fat people.

I finally broke out the Wii fit yesterday. I'm 53 in Wii years. That would be a 17 year difference, lovely.

I proceeded to do 32 minutes of various Wii exercises. The hula hoop exercise I'm starting to feel in the right side of my abs. I was pretty good at the ski jump. I need to work on my balance says my vitural trainer, which is an eerie mannequin-like figure on the screen with a ... ponytail.

Ugh! I was doing fine yesterday, trying to keep my balance on that board and then I saw it. I saw the weird protrusion from the back of the virtual trainer's head. I rolled my eyes. Rolling my eyes seems to be directly linked to my balance. I merely stumbled but c'mon! A ponytail?! That's a joke. I'm not sure why it bothers me, but it does. Perhaps I have some suppressed memory of tiny ponytails on men, because I'm now thinking that in general when I'm out and about if I see a man with a tiny ponytail I want to rip it from their skull. But in a nice way.

I'm going to pick the female trainer next time and see what silly thing is sticking out from her virtual head.

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