Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take this job and shove it!

I've got an interview on Thursday with a construction company. It's an accounts payable position with decent pay, or so they told me. The job description had a lower annual salary listed on it, but hey I'm out of work I shouldn't be picky right?


And it's not the pay I should be picky about, it's the organization. And it's the people who would manage me that I'm going to be picky about.

I've gotten to a point that I'm not willing to compromise for nothing anymore. I'm aware of courtesy and a commonality that co-workers and managment share but I'm not willing to be the ONLY participant to modify their behavior to suit the situation or the person of authority. I know it sounds arrogant, and trust me I've thought about this for a long time, but I'm not arrogant. I'm fed up. I'm done taking the piss for assholes who don't like me for me. I'm not an ass-kisser ... well okay, I am but I kiss ass by working hard and being a great employee. I get fuck all for that, lemme tell ya.

So I'm holding out for a job that will provide me the salary I'm accustomed to (more or less), but mostly I'm going to hold out for THE job ... THE job that will employ me now and not make me hate humanity anymore then I already do.

After my limited stint in the corporate arena, I've concluded that I deplore large companies that relegate their employees to just faces on a massive staff list. Those people are better then that and deserve more. Like me. :o)

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