Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"I was down on a frown when the messenger brought me a letter."

Sizzle Says has made my day! Yesterday she posted a list of ten things she loves that start with the letter R. She went on to describe some fabulous stuff and at the end she asked if anyone was up to the same challenge. Always wanting to be included as much as possible I went for it and Sizzle obliged! Yay us!

I got the letter N,which at first pleased me beyond the dog's tolerance for adult human giggling. But then I panicked. The letter N? Good grief!

Okay, I'm already over thinking this task because this morning upon waiting to get my morning stuff done (wake the child, feed the child, urge the child to get dressed, as well as feeding and clothing myself, make the child's lunch, take her to morning child care, dash back to work because I left with the cash box key last night) I started thinking of what to title my post, provided I was able to engage in the letter game. After I dropped McKenzie off and headed north on Market St. Neil Young came on the car stereo (I was driving my mom's car) and there you have my title. But was I going to play? YES! Thank you, Sizzle.

Ten things that start with the letter N that I love.

1. Neighborhood - I really enjoy the neighborhood we live in. It's close to the child's school and close to my work, just 20-25 minutes walking distance from downtown Ballard. The proximity to all things Seattle is very good, I'd even say we're centrally located, with easy access to 99. The house we rent is on a hillside so we have a fantastic view of the Olympic Mts.

2. Naan - Particularly the garlic naan, sometimes the spinach stuffed naan. But just in general naan. So light and fluffy yet hearty and warm. Such a good thing on its own too!

3. Naval - Specifically the child's belly button. She's got an outy inside in inny. It's so cute!

4. Nebulas - A totally sweet gathering of cosmic gases, proof the unverse is ever growing and evolving.

5. Noodles - Not pad thai noodles, no no, can't stand those, but linguini noodles fo' sho'! And Ramen noodles too. You can do a lot to a simple cup of noodles that transcends their ordinary purpose. Plus Ramen noodles come in a plethora of flavors and its cheap, which is good for this day and age.

6. Northwest - The pacific northwest has held a special place in my heart since first visiting my mom at Christmas in 1995. I stole away to Seattle from horrid, dreadful Tucson a few more times before I gave into the want and need to move here. I am SO glad my mom moved up here so I could follow. You get it all up here: rain, sun, wind, heat, chill, sea air, arid desserts. Everything! Plus I've met some fabulous people living up here who are like minded in that they are flexible, open-minded, easy going, yet smart and funny.

7. Number 9 - Myyyyy favorite and lucky number. In its purest form of just 9 this is a powerful by product of the magical number 3. Yet 19, 29, etc are just as awesome! I tend to pick numbers with 9 in the when I play lotteries. Not that this strategy has led me to a win but I like it. The Beatles song might have had something to do it with it. I'd listened to the White Album, on vinyl, a lot as a kid.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is such a brilliant and fantastic dark fairytale. Tim Burton is a child of gloominess and for that I shall always be a fan of his. To create such a lovely story about responsibility and finding yourself for a specific audience that can relate to being different moved me so when I first saw this movie 15 years ago.

9. Nerdist - Chris Hardwick is a funny, funny man. His posts are full of wit, vulgarities and violence. Okay, not so much violence but it sounded good when I typed it. I first caught Chris Hardwick on G4's Attack of the Show leading a Gadget Pron segment. He wore an argygle sweater vest with a tie. My geek heart swooned.

10. Netflix - It took me a long time to get on the bandwagon for this practical site. I'm not one to follow the hype on anything so it took a while for it to die down and then Netflix looked appealing. I am glad that I finally drank the Netflix kool aid. We've got In Bruges to watch tonight.

Okay, that was way harder then first thought of, but damn it was fun!


Sizzle said...

Mmmmm I love Naan!

IanM said...

I have to admit, i'm a bit distressed at the lack of NIPPLES! NIPPLES ARE ALWAYS IN A TOP 10 LIST! Even if they never appear in the list itself, they should received honorable mentions at least. Noggins are also good, Namibia isn't all bad, Northern Lights, North Pole, and Norway all are fun to say.

Honestly, though, i'm just giving you shit...because i love YOU!