Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Bad guy can't win. It's a morality tale."

I took the child to a movie today. A movie's she been harrassing me to see for weeks, though it only started on Friday the 13th. Funny thing, the movie is of the same title as it's release date.

Yes, I took the child to see Friday the 13th. The dialogue wasn't totally inane, but there was a lot of boobs from the same people. It reminded me of an episode of XPlay when Adam Sessler's rattling off game titles he wants to see die. One game is about scantily clad, poorly animated women with robust breasts jumping around playing volley ball. The movie even had a scene of a topless girl water skiing, well boarding. The violence really was far less outrageous then I predicted and there was some humor that made me giggle even more so for its placement in a slasher film.

Prior to all this, we had lunch and bought cupcakes to have in the movies. When packaging up our said cupcakes, I asked the cupcake gal to box them individually so they would fit inside my purse better. And they did! Genius! So there we were, the child and I, sitting in the last row, noshing on tasty cupcakes watching a slasher flick. We whispered back and forth to each other about how one scene was from the first Friday the 13th, and how a character looked like another character from Part 2 in which he gets a machete in the head, oh and! Lookie here, this guy got it in the head too! HAHAHAHAHA! We had a blast!

And it was payday too!

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dola said...

I can't think of a more fun time that that.