Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You got peanut butter on my chocolate!

I can't stop twirling my hair. Clearly it's a nervous habit, and honestly it's one I've had for years. But the last few weeks I've been twirling my hair a lot. So am I more nervous then usual? I really don't feel it. Sure I started a new job but I was over-twirling my hair weeks before the actual start date. Maybe the impending new job caused my system to do a minor freak out thus triggering my adolescent hair twirling fixation.

Well whatever you want to call it, it fuckin' pisses me off most times.

See, right there! I paused my typing to twirl my hair. Though I will admit while I was twirling I was thinking about my post, but now I've lost the thought ... Hmmm, maybe if I twirl ...

Nope, just the Good Morning Baltimore song from Hairspray goes through my mind.

Well clearly I'm not really traumatized by anything out of the ordinary traumatizations. So I shall continue to thwart this weirdo obsession I seem to have with twirling my hair.

Speaking of weirdo obsessions, one of my new colleagues asked me about Disneyland. I change my wallpaper on my work computer a lot, and the constant theme is Disneyland. Specifically Disneyland, not any characters per se (though I adore the villains more often then the heroes) but like Sleeping Beauty's castle is such an iconic structure to me I can never really shake its image. Before today my wallpaper was this fantastic map illustration of the park from 1958.
I'd post the actual image buuuuuuuut I can't seem to get it to post here instead of at the beginning of the entry so there's the link. Please check it out.
But after a week I needed to see some castle and I found this pretty nifty scene of Sleeping Beauty's castle lit up with fireworks behind it.
Turns out my colleague is also an obsessive fan of Disneyland and I am not alone in my new work environment. I have fellow weirdoes to co-miserate with and giggle along side of. Yay new job!

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