Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

I start week 2 tomorrow with my new job. I started the new position last Monday, same company new role. I was shown a lot of Excel spreadsheets, and I do mean a lot. I'm familiar with Excel, and used it daily while in college, but not so much in the general workforce. I have created basic reports, and used more complex reports with imbedded formulas to calculate stuff for the Finance ladies. But was shown to me was a whole new thing. I figure with one report shown to me, if it were a paper map you'd be unfolding it for days. Seriously.

But I'm not daunted, and I'm happy to report that I've already had a moment of "What the fuck?!" back on Thursday. It wasn't a vocal moment, just in my head. Poor head. That reminds me I need to bring along more Tylenol for week 2.

We watched I am Legend today and I enjoyed it a lot. We got is from Netflix so there was no 2nd disc to view the alternate ending, or perhaps alternate cut of the film. Ian read the book, and I think I will now too. I'm into stuff about the end of humanity. I try to help keep me humble.


Jen said...

Hey, welcome to Blogger! Am I your first official comment? I'll have to add this new URL to my Google Reader so I get your updates as soon as you post 'em. :)

Action Jasmine said...

Yep, you're number 1 babe! :) Thanks for commenting.