Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Without lamps there'd be no light!"

A week into the new job and all is well. My immediate supervisor is a busy woman resulting in a very hands off approach. But I am picking up on things, and luckily the company is pretty small so I shouldn't have too hard a time remembering who's who and all. Eveyone is friendly, and the company provides a ridiculous amount of free beverages. I took mean advantage of that with regards to the OJ as my week progressed.

Yes, I was getting sick. And yes, I am currently fighting off a mild, dare I say low grade cold. Ian's turned into a sinus infection requiring a trip to the doctor for antibiotics, and then a call to the doctor a few days later when no symptoms had really subsided yet chest pain had begun. I've been feeding my system a constant diet of Alka Seltzer, Sudafed, Tylenol (PM in the evenings), Bendryl, and generic Musinex all week. I'm like Hunter S. Thompson with over the counter cold meds. Pathetic.

Today was supposed to be a frolic in the sun at the Puyallup Fair, but in all honesty I shouldn't have even left the house. I really wanted to spend some time with the child, and she's been wanting to go to the fair for a few years now. Her school hands out passes every year, and every year I manage to poo poo the idea. The mere suggestion of doing things like attending a fair make me yearn for a mom friend.

And I only realized this weekend, driving out to Puyallup in lame ass traffic, only to scrap the plan because I was feeling quite shitty. If I had a mom friend I could've had someone to interact with me, and the child would have a friend along to really enjoy what she wanted to. I don't know anyone like that and just today I found out that it's something I've been wanting for a long time.

I have mom friends out of state that when I converse with them and hear about the family vacation or weekend I get all bummed that I couldn't have been there to witness it first hand. Or be a part of it. I now its silly and childish to feel this way and I don't care.


lisha said...

i wish i still lived there.
im your long distance mom friend :)

eM said...

i don;t think it's silly or childish to wish for a connection w/ folks who are in the same place in life: in this case mothering a not-itty-but-not-big-kid. that just seems kinda human

Action Jasmine said...

Thanks, em. I just don't have any close and local friends who are moms to share this shit with, not for lack of trying on my part. There's some serious attitude problems with most of the parents I've encountered over the last 7 years. And it gets frustrating when I'm being friendly and all I get back is a wall of iciness and robotic courtesy.