Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Luuuuuccceeeeeeeeee! I'm home!"

I'm having the hardest time getting this post started. I've been sitting here for at least ten minutes just trying to title the damn thing.

I know I want to talk about the revelation about my new job. I know I want to discuss how utterly appalling it is to me, but I just can't seem to get my mind to simmer down now and focus. The predominant male culture of the company I now work for believe only women should answer the main incoming business phone line. I am now one of three women (there's the receptionist and the AR Specialist) who is meant to do this on a regular basis. My title is Staff Accountant.

I've been working for over 22 years and I'm still having to put up with prejudice bullshit and narrow-mindedness. This is not the company culture that was sold to me during my two interviews. The 50s a-woman's-got-her-place mentality just does not sit well with me at all. I'm all fidgety as I type this. I couldn't sleep-in today like I like to on Saturday mornings because I fucking deserve it.

I can't seem to get a break.

And then on the other side of that, I feel like shit for even bitching about this job. They way I lost my last job though ...

Well, suffice it to say I'm not going to apologize for being who I am. It's becoming increasingly harder and harder to compromise myself for other people who don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. It's just becoming harder for me to be nice and friendly and interested when I get nothing in kind back, muchless a response.

So yeah, okay, maybe the 50s culture will suit me when I decide to finally say "Fuck it all!" and turn into a zombie like everyone else. I'll ignore you and only pander to my base needs and wants. I'll be icy and false. I won't want to know you or be your friend. I won't care.

*shakes head*

Oh man ... c'mon, I can't do that. I can't be that kind of hideous, humorless, asshole. It would be easy, don't get me wrong to be like everyone else. But I couldn't ulitmately live with myself.

I think what I really need to do is stop caring about what other people think of me. I like smiling and being friendly and outgoing. I also, in truth, like to flip people off and swear a lot, but only when the moment calls for it and someone's bring a douchebag. But my point is I like not being cold and unapproachable. I like being nicer then most people, because I don't want to be like most people, especially if they're so horrid.


Sizzle said...

What is it about women and answering the phone? I see that kind of thinking a lot. I don't get it! And I would be super annoyed if I was working where you work and be required to answer the phone because of my GENDER.

At the non-profit I work at, men answer the phone. They don't like it and they are in the minority but they do it.

eM said...

""It's just becoming harder for me to be nice and friendly and interested when I get nothing in kind back, muchless a response.""
are you saying you are not happy about the Seattle Freeze??



p.s you gots a college degree - if you were not told one of your duties is to answer the phone - maybe you can bring that up cuz I would not be happy either. ya know - you could day - i worked really hard not to ever answer a phone again, it's not the best use of my skills and talents - you know - college talk, this is hard to do without seemingly to diss those whose job it is to answer the hone, but I think you will feel better if a least a convo is had...

Action Jasmine said...

Sizzle, thank you for stating that. I was wondering if I was beig too much of a bitch about it.

And em, you make a valid statement with regards to having a conversation about it at least. I'm only two weeks into the new job so it's best to nip this shit in the bud before it's ALL I'm complaining about. :o)

Thanks ladies, you both made my day.

gorillabuns said...

I had a job like this once (I was the HR person) and my only purpose in life was to answer the phone, make coffee and run when my whistle was blown.

Action Jasmine said...

Gorillabuns, what does being an HR staffer have to do with answering phones, making coffee, and running when your whistle is blown? Nutin'! What does answering the phones have to do with being the staff accountant? Nutin' again!

GB, may be you use to work for this company I now work for. :o) Maegan said...

ugh, ugh, ughity ugh! Seriously, I'm with you. I am a graphic/web designer but I HAVE TO SIT IN FRONT and I HAVE TO ANSWER PHONES...why? WHY? It drives me insane and I am not a receptionist! whatever.

...AND, we're kinda fucked either way with that 50's ideal get it at the workplace and you get it if you stay home what's the solution? acceptance? sometimes I hate everything ...but I liked your post :)

Action Jasmine said...

Maegan, that's just fuckin' crazy! Not in a million years would I ever associate graphic designer with receptionist. Sorry to hear that.