Wednesday, April 23, 2008

He'll keep calling, and calling ...

Why do people hit a button, such as an elevator button, that is lit up an obviously telling that it has already been pressed?

Why do people hit the cross walk button a million times, when one really does it because it is based on some sort of pressure thing?

Why do the people entering the breakroom and the restroom at work barrel in instead of let me out in a peaceful calm manner?

I'll tell you why. Because most people are too self-centered to realize that they are participating in life along with many others.

I'd love to pull these people aside when I see them, grab them by their collars, put them up against a wall and say, "Trust me when I tell you that you are not the only fuckhead traveling on the metro bus through downtown, or the only douchebag needing to get on the elevator ro cross the street. And though viewing your death because you were either too ignorant and arrogant to know better and crossed against the light would be highly entertaining, it will also be outstandingly stupid."

But I typically just roll my eyes, turn up the volume on my iPod and curse them as they move by in their bubble.

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dola said...

I have a theory that people are so absorbed in their own world that they fail to realize that others exist in it as well.
Must be nice to only give a fuck about yourself.
Self centered fuckwits!