Monday, October 13, 2008

"Life is what happens while you're making other plans."

So I'm unemployed again. Perhaps not too much of a surprise considering all the weirdass bullshit, psycho drama from my ex-boss that you've heard about. My calling in sick two days in a row prompted my ex-boss to call me Friday afternoon on speaker phone. When I heard that distinctive hollow sound of someone speaking on the phone with the speaker instead of the handset I knew the point of the call and smiled. It was going to finally end and I could stop fretting. My ex-boss asked how I was feeling and I played along and told her exactly how my cold was going. She provided some sort of sound of acknowledgement, then mentioned the two other people in the room with her. It was the HR manager and the company controller.

Honestly, I wasn't sure why the big deal. I had only been there a month, well withn the 90 day probbie period. But there the three ladies sat, probably in the controller's office, which I could picture and it amused me. So full of themselves to the absolute end. Wow. If they only put that much energy into being fair and honest, imagine the greatness that could be done?! Not.

And so back to the job search I go. But it's okay. I've got some solid and sincere support from my family. My sanity wasn't worth it, seriously the older I get feel less inclined to compromise. Have I stated that before? Well then I must fuckin' mean it. :o)


Sizzle said...

I wondered if you were out of a job. It's better to not work for them. They clearly had some sort of fucked up agenda to belittle and demean people. Onward and upwards!

Apparently we just let someone go within her 30 days. I have no idea what the issue was but she's gone. It doesn't look like they will hire into the position until the new year but it sounds like something you could be a fit for. Too bad they are going to take so damn long.

Hope you feel better soon!

Aunt Annie said...

Okay.. sooooo will you be eligible for unemployment now? If! You can't be denied unemployment because you called in sick (and were really sick, not faking it) and couldn't come to work. At least not in California. I hope the best for you.. and an awesome job next time.
Anna (Jen's mom)

Action Jasmine said...

Well hey Sizzle, if that job opens up still let me know, if you don't mind? :o)

Thanks, Anna! I'm doing much better. :o)