Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You win some, you bruise some

Just got the "volunteers needed" email from the volunteer coordinator for the Rat City Roller Girls, Rebel Belle. Ian will be disappointed, maybe, that he won't be able to direct traffic and wear the fluorescent orange, reflective vest. But the child and I can volunteer, pass out programs like before. Now I know where the extras are, and there are extras. The child will be thrilled, and with Ian gone this weekend on his bachelor excursion to "camp" on Friday Harbor, I'll need the child to have another outlet.

I also heard that I didn't get the Gates Foundation 90-day temp job. I think it would have been a good thing to have on my resume but only 90 days? Ugh, blech, blah, maaaaaaaa...

Yeah, looking for a job is hard fucking work, and I'm lucky to get the support from my family and friends, so it can be doubly shitty to not have anyone to root you on. Even with the love, my morale is lagging. I've done Wii fit less, and I don't even care. All I can think about it is crawling back into bed. I have to work hard to stay out of my bedroom when I'm home. I spend a lot of time online job hunting. The sort of job I need doesn't typically advertise with Help Wanted signs in the window. Nope, most accounting jobs are posted on job boards or managed by a third-party agency. I'm signed up with one of these agencies and the results have been mixed.

The first week I signed up with Accountants, Inc, including driving out to Bellevue to do a meet and greet in person with the temp manager and the direct hire manager, Shane Makanani sent me an email with a job description asking if I was interested in applying for a certain AP position. I read the details and called Shane to personally tell him that "Yes, I'm interested, please submit my resume." So on 7/24/08 I have an interview with two different men for the same AP position; four days later I have a third interview with someone else, and then surprise! A fourth interview with a yet another person. After that a week nearly goes by and Shane, the recruiting agency rep, hasn't contacted me about anything. In fact, I sent him an email after that 3rd and 4th interview letting him know it went well and he didn't even respond to that.

Needless to say, I have to initiate ALL the contact, seriously all of it. It's like being married to Paul again. Unrewarding. I sent Shane an email this morning because it's been since 8/1/08 that I've heard from him, and yes because I sent him a snotty email basically asking him what the hell his problem was and can't he email or what! Today's email wasn't as snotty, but perhaps more so haughty.

Hi Shane,

My name is Jasmine McKenzie and back at the end of July, I had 4 interviews at Sellen. I have not heard from you since Friday, August 1, 2008. I think at this point it is safe to say I did not get the Sellen job. I would like to hear from you still, possibly provide feedback if there is any. I'm not sure why you feel no need to communicate with me, but I promise that I won't bother you any more if you could just give me some feedback from the time I spent at Sellen. Thanks!

--- Jasmine McKenzie


Sizzle said...

WTH can't they respond? So rude!

Looking for a job sucks. I'm sorry you're struggling. The Fella is going through that right now too (his contract ended. Thinking good thoughts for you!

Action Jasmine said...

Thanks, Sizz. And I'm thinking good thoughts for the Fella. :)

Action Jasmine said...

And just to point out - today is Aug. 19, 2008 and Shane from Accountants Inc still has not returned my last email, no email from him and no phone call. Charming, no? No.