Monday, May 18, 2009

"Other than that, I'm perfect."

The new job is going really well. My first month there went by extremely quick as does most days. Not today though. Today I'm home with the child who was up very late being sick. I think we can safely state and claim that her drinking mass quantities of orange juice is just not a good thing ... for anyone. Needless to say, she'll never eat another pot pie in her life. This is sad to me as pot pies are quite damn delicious. But then I may never eat one again for a while at least. I did have to clean up.

Ian helped too. This was very helpful. And he helped without really need to being asked, just pointed in the right direction. Like taking out the sheet to hose off, and driving to Walgreens at 1am to buy anti-nausea medicine. All done without whining or guilt, and he stayed up with us while we watched BOLT until almost 4am. The child hadn't puked in a an hour, I had been giving her a dose of anti-nausea after each upchuck, and the movie was over so it seemed a damn fine time to try and get some sleep. She slept hard, the whole time on the couch. She awoke around 9:30am rearing to go. Her little brow furroughed as she worried aloud about being late for school. I told her not to worry. I had called the school, and the child care, and my work when we were up at 1am and 3am. No school for her and no work for Ian and I.

I'm still feeling really dead on my feet. Good thing I'm sitting! Nyuck Nyuck! *snort*

Oh geez, see that? I'm too punchy for this.

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