Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I'm gonna need more dew and universe juice!"

I got hellaciously drunk the other night due to celebrating a friend's birthday. It's an annual occasion that gets more painful the older I get. I just can't seem to exercise any goddamn restraint. I get totally caught up in the social moment, seeing and visiting with people I only seem to see once a year (at said birthday boozefest).

Ian even set the alarm clock on his cell phone. Of course when it went off it went unheard and by the time Ian mentioned it to me my attitude was, "Eeeeeh, fuck it."

Damn me! Damn my idiotic, booze comsumption stupidity! Gah! But my punishment was painful and long, causng me to actually call in sick to work (and I only work 4 fucking days a week). How humiliating, but that's how it goes for me. It must be humiliating for me otherwise I'm not affected enough to care and change. Well okay, I get it. I'm too goddamn old to be drinking like that (especially too old to be retching my guts out multiple times the next day). Ian agreed and we pinky sweared (swore?) never do that again..

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